Proposal for

Biennale de la danse de Lyon


Fête des Lumières 2018

Biennale de la dans

Dance, and contemporary dance especially, is a human thought and feeling expressed in movement. In its strong expression, it is also a subtle, contemplative, emotional and poetic art form that invites audiences for inner retrospective and offers them profound emotional experience.
Contemporary dance is also a niche art form. This production gives Maison de la Dans and Fête des Lumières an opportunity to present contemporary dance to a wider audience in a new context. As artists, we want to help the audiences to discover dance as an art form, get inspired and fall in love with it by merging dance, architecture and light in one video installation art piece.

Site-specific mapping installation

Both architecture and dance share a passion for space and light in time
Steven Holl


Cathédrale Saint Jean Baptiste




In this production we want to focus on merging of the two arts – dance and architecture by the means of our art form – light.
Our focus is: dance + architecture / movement + light.
  • Can movement create light?
  • Can light create movement?
  • Can form – architecture, human body – change our perception of movement?
  • How can movement, light and architecture interact with each other?
  • How can we with the help of dance and light bring emotion into space?
This approach allows us to merge all our elements: dance, architecture, light /projection and music into one art piece. The approach can be applied to any theme.


La Post de Lyon


The two proposed sites have different character, architecture and atmosphere. Our approach has therefore also different angling.

Cathédrale Saint Jean Baptiste

The tranquil, well-framed amphitheatre of the square with elegant facade of the Cathedral creates a natural enclosure and allows for creation of a poetic, yet festive and expressive and emotional art piece, focusing on light and dance.

La Poste de Lyon

The unique Art Deco building, situated on the Antonin-Poncet square at the traffic junction, has a completely different atmosphere that the site of the Cathédrale Saint Jean Baptiste. It is an intersection of different urban spaces and invites for a dynamic and expressive piece. Our focus for this site would on the interaction of architectural forms and dance.


Anastasia Isachsen is considered as one of the most prominent contemporary visual artists in Norway.
She creates video art for projections for various cultural productions: concerts, dance performances, theatre, installations, exhibitions and shows. She collaborates with artists across different creative disciplines and this interdisciplinary focus gives her artwork a mesmerizing and emotional expression.
Since she has established her practice first in Delhi, India in 2009 and in Oslo, Norway in 2011, she has collaborated on numerous Norwegian and international projects. Her work is presented on the main stages and venues in Europe, the USA and India.


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