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Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe..: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me.

Immanuel Kant

Clara is 7 and cannot fall asleep because she is asking all kinds of questions about existence, life and universe: what is real and what is not?

Based on Jon Fosses philosophical book, the theatre piece KANT discusses big and existential questions through child’s outlook and everyday events. With the help of choreography, projections and light design, the story unfolds through shifts from real world scenes in Clara’s room and abstract imaginative scenes in the Universe and in the way creates the state between awakening and dreaming, fantasy and reality.

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 Video art  / Light design / Scenography



Dramaturgy: Agneta Elers-Jarleman

Direction and choreography: Ingvild Lien

Video art, scenography and light design: Anastasia Isachsen

Music: Gunnar Edander

Sound design: Sissel Brean Hovind and Frode Fritjofsen

On stage: Hilde Stensland and Brage Bang

Producer: Wenche Bakke / Norland teater



10/03/2016         Premiere at Norland Teater, Mo i Rana

03/04/2016         Sandnessjøen

04/04/2016         Brønnøysund

04/04/2016         Brønnøysund

05/04/2016         Sømna

06/04/2016         Bindal

08/04/2016         Nesna

10/04/2016         Hemnes

12/04/2016         Lovund